Tripping over Myself

DSCN0694I am striving to stay out of my brain these days. I sit here in the early morning sunshine from the east as I enjoy the sheer beauty of San Francisco Bay with a few early morning sailors dotting the water with their sailboats. Not much wind or chop but the tide and morning fog are in, providing cover of the Golden Gate Bridge and much of Mt. Tamalpais. The beauty of this western paradise is almost overwhelming as I sip my French Roast coffee, taking in the enjoyment of every breath. The warm wind against my skin and still damp hair from my workout in this amazing place couldn’t be more perfect.

My thoughts are largely filled with gratitude for all that I have been given over the past weeks, not the least of which is my absolute enjoyment of my connections with friends, new and old. My friends have always been a source of renewed energy but in our electronic age, I have placed new emphasis on taking in each person that I meet as I find them in this time and place. It’s heady work on my part but quite rewarding as I slow down my alpha nature. As some point, I knew I would get too old to keep trying to kill myself, now slowing down to savor each relationship and be thankful for those relationships as they are more valuable to my survival than oxygen.

I am pretty boring in that my best “take” on my world comes when I am just running along a new trail sampling the air and the vibe. I am best when I allow my mind to connect with or without acknowledgement, with those I admire and appreciate. These days, I don’t mind saying that connecting with one person has made my heart simply glad; forcing me to be my best and bringing a very small element of joy; simple joy without explanation. In this manner, I am simply grateful; not tripping as I glide along my path. What wonder sometimes!


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