Modern Woman

“I’m in the moment, on the edge, over the top, but under the radar.”-George Carlin

Scurrying around running errands, packing, checking items off my lists and getting ready to fly out to the west coast for a very short hang in San Francisco. This is a trip that I was surprised to find the “stars lining up” so that I could make it out of town. This trip comes at a great time because I will have a bit of time to relax and continue to slow down, becoming more comfortable with all that I have accepted in my life as simply “good sh-t” (I must stop using that word).

Just a few days ago, as I updated my CV for accreditation, I realized that I have accomplished all of the “big stuff” that I wanted to accomplish at this point in my life. As I ran on one of my evening runs, my meditation focused on slowing down, staying put and my recent lack of the need to dash out of the country or seek something risky for confirmation that I am alive.

In short, I want to sit under my maple tree, sip bourbon (or something else) and make my life as serene as possible here in the present in this location. I am quite content, almost joyful with just being present in these moments; anticipating those little shared enjoyments of simple tasks and experiences that are meant to be enjoyed without apology or much deep thought. I am looking forward to mindful sharing just because it’s cool.

Such are the tasks of a great summer for a modern woman. Also “hung” with a most wonderful and amazing spirit yesterday who confirmed by his always extraordinary example, that there is no reason to hurry. There is plenty of time; spending that time should be enjoyed, sipped and savored in the moment. It’s all good and a smile is on my face as I want to “fly under the radar” if not flying in the face of convention; more than enough for me.


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