Sam and me

Careful what you wish for because you might just get it!

Finished my shift at the hospital with naps here and there. Still, as I left, I felt as if I were dragging myself home. Some great jazz piano on the radio and I found myself energized a bit as I pulled into my parking space in front of my house. Besides, when the sun comes up, I am wide awake no matter how little sleep the night before. The sun was shining brightly and I had a second wind.

My trainer called and asked me to get into my gear for our weekend workout. She has insisted that I do some heavy weight training since I have lost much muscle mass with my longer distances running. I savored my strong cup of French Roast coffee, changed into my workout gear; headed over to the gym. My trainer was late but I warmed up with a three mile run on the treadmill doing some hills and breaking a sweat.

When she arrived, I lifted to exhaustion working my upper body and stretching my extremely tight hamstrings. I miss my extreme flexibility from years of dance and now feel as if I will never get my ease of stretching back. My trainer pulled me into the pool for a quarter-mile swim to help with my flexibility. When I was done with the water, I did 45 minutes of sauna and more stretching. The dry heat always feels great after the pool for me and bakes out any soreness from the heavy weight-lifting.

Well, Sam Adams and I settled into my favorite deck chair to solve the world’s problems as the evening sun set over the lake.


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