And now I soar

Today, I found that from minute to minute even second to second, things just clicked; one of those times when everything I encountered was perfect choreography. My day started with a short but fast 4AM run and then to the mindless meetings and information sessions of my administrative duties to my late clinical rounds to the last meeting of my seminary class, every moment clicked as if they were connected to the next moment.

I found a place to put my mind for the administrative work. I brought a differential theory to work on from my laboratory. As the presentations droned on, I put all of the parts of the differential in place and came up with an answer and an equation that will fit the problem that I designed earlier this week. Perhaps this is the key to getting through these meetings that are meaningless for me. In truth, I am not an administrator and I know that fact well. I was polite, quiet but detached. At the end of the drivel, I had a legal pad full of equations and answers.

My rounds went smoothly, perhaps because all of the people involved are at the end of their respective years of training. All things in the various roles are quite familiar. We moved from patient to patient with a smoothness that was almost joyful. We finished a couple of minutes early which allowed me to thank each participant individually. I am grateful for the opportunities to teach those in medical training. I love to explain hypovolemic shock to those who struggle with the physiological concepts.

My last class in seminary was a chance to have fellowship, some wonderful Thai food and more than a few beverages. One of the participants was a former student who had dropped out early in the first year, my year. She is a gifted person but became burdened by the volume of coursework. After medical school, volume is not much of a problem but I understand why she didn’t continue. I hope that she will try in another year. She is exactly the empathetic person who can connect on many levels.

A pleasant surprise was that the Dean of the Cathedral dropped by to celebrate the Eucharist with us; an added element to our merry band of students. I might add that our merriment was increased by the vino (Cakebread) that I supplied for the group. It was great for the Dean to meet the student who had left the group because there was a great connection there. It was great to see two amazing people meet and find common ground.

Even better, I found that I was quite comfortable with being “off of the market” and in my life that is not my own. My life of service is more clearly defined by ending this first year of theological studies. I have adventures and experiences both here in the USA and overseas, physical and mental challenges but I have found a peace that is surprising. I am soaring at this point. My life is busy and now very complicated but I would not have a life of any other manner. Just as I view my world from the roof of my hospital, I now can soar with my new role. All things are great and I ask for nothing more.


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