Finding Spirituality

I am back in the USA full of optimism and gratitude for the gifts that God has given me. I have been able to travel and experience spirit and soulful connection with those who differ in culture from me. No words spoken but eyes meeting; hands greeting and fellowship exchanged. I cannot fail to see the miracle of humanity; the face of God in the beautiful people that I met everywhere.

I ran the hills and crowded streets filled with cars, bicycles and buses. It was great fun to run through the markets and cafes dodging people as they carried their parcels. It was great fun to breathe in the hazy, hot and humid air sweating easily in the heat. The noise was constant but welcoming as I ran further and further. I prayed as I ran and I just couldn’t believe that I live in a time where I can board an aircraft and fly to the other side of the world as easily as some people cross the street.

Today, I sit next to a bay looking out over a mountainside prospective. I am a bit jet-lagged but still trying to remember each smell, each conversation and each small experience. The streets here are less crowded, the people more diverse than those I left 20 hours ago. Twenty hours ago, I was the odd person, the stranger yet, I saw each person that I encountered as my brother or sister. Today, as I am in my country, I am the same, yet I am different. I see the world as much smaller and more human; more precious than ever; my faith and belief in God stronger than ever.. This a gift, for which I am truly thankful.


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