A Life of Service

A birthday behind me and a time of reflection. Mine is a life of service to others, a life that suits me well. I have been traveling far from my home; overseas to explore new culture and connect with others who serve. My meditation and prayers on my long runs up and down steep hills renewing my faith in my mind and body.

I pray for serenity and guidance in the next steps in my life. What I have discovered is that my life moves along with little effort on my part. On this trip, to a very different country, has taught me to be still and observe. I have learned how much I am like my fellow humans even if they do not worship as I worship or live as I live. I have learned that a smile is a universal greeting; fellowship to be found even without words.

I stand on the hillsides, that I have run in the morning; smog covering the harbor but still I can see thousands of boats floating along with thousands of humanity in the form of those who fish and move. Tall buildings dot the landscape as I love my prospective from the heights. I have also learned that beer and food turn out to be universal languages for me also.

The open air markets have been a favorite refuge as I particularly enjoy allowing the merchants to show off their produce and fish. My friend, who speaks the language, will often translate for me; I bow in gratitude. One elderly lady, teeth yellowed from years of smoking; commented on my bright green eyes, brown skin and gray hair. She pronounced me a green-eyes person of great spirit which beats green-eyed devil. My gratitude to her as I smile most of the day.

I have enjoyed teatime in this wonderful locale, a practice that I had long given up when I moved to my current home. I believe I will carry my teatime ritual back with me as a souvenir of this trip. My British Mum always enjoyed teatime; instilling in me an opportunity to reflect and relax as the day starts to end. Memories jogged as I grip my morning coffee and will substitute tea in the early evening.

I spent some time with men of faith in this different land; no women in my group. I kneeled to pray in the holy temples and breathe in the spirit of those who have gone before me. I pray on the ferry as I cross the harbor to explore this land. I am grateful and thankful to be alive and aware of those around me. The Pacific Ocean has been beneath me as a massive blue cradle of change. I found my breath and life in the Far East by simply praying, running and meditating. I am not the same person.


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