Back in the saddle…

It’s been five days since my first attempt at running a marathon. Though I couldn’t predict that I would end up hypothermic, I have learned much about the gifts of friendship that I have been so blessed to receive. I didn’t finish my first marathon but I have been given so many positive affirmations and blessings that my heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness. When I woke up in the Emergency Room of the hospital, as my head cleared, I was deeply disappointed with my performance. Immediately, I thought of nothing except my failure after months of training and preparation.

Without exception, my friends and colleagues assured me that I hadn’t “failed”. I just didn’t finish the race. Five days later, I realize and deeply appreciate their wisdom. As I begin preparation for my next attempt, I take in all of my experience and I take in the wisdom of my friends. I have my health, my joints and my head to allow me to make the next attempt.

In the past week, I had the opportunity to participate in the last Evensong of our season. As I sat in the cathedral, in the early evening with the amazing sounds of the choir and organ, brilliant sunlight poured in through the many stained glass windows of the nave. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I listened to every note as if they were sounded for me. I am blessed beyond belief to feel the spirit of fellowship with those around me. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be human. Thus, I climb back into the saddle and put one foot in front of the other one as this is God’s gift to me.


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