Mysteries of Life in Early Spring

Finally Spring has arrived on my wonderful Great Lake. I am happily enjoying the warmer weather and all of the newness that both Spring and the turquoise of the lake water brings after the cold weather of winter. I am told that this past winter was a mild one but I was appropriately miserable as anyone with my Caribbean genes would be. I do wish that my Mum’s Saxon genes would allow me to enjoy the cold a bit more but alas, I am a creature of warmer climate. I happily enjoy the warmer Spring temperatures.

My alpha nature finds me looking directly at many of my friends and telling them how much they add to my life experience. I find myself almost giddy with joy in fellowship with those around me-colleagues, patients and students alike. I can’t fail to see the wonder in those I meet; smiling because I am joyful. Perhaps, I am flooded with endorphins; perhaps I am just happy and content with my life; perhaps I am reacting to drinking too much coffee these days but I am grateful for my good health and good friends. There is joy all around for me as I look at the blossoms on the tree outside my office window (sneezing a bit too).

The greatest mystery continues to be enjoying my online communications and readings from my fellow bloggers around the world. Their work is quite wonderful to read daily; making me grateful that I can enjoy their works and thoughts. Truly, they enrich my life far more than one could ever imagine. This is pure magic for me; something that I could not even conceive of even 10 years ago.

My faith grows stronger with each day as I take pleasure in my training runs for my upcoming marathon. I use the road time to think, meditate and enjoy the wonder of all that I see around me. I pass squirrels, deer and geese with an occasional flock of very mean wild turkeys. There is music in my heart and mind as I enjoy the simple beauty of my fellow creatures making their way in the warm Spring weather. Yes, I get the mystery and I am very grateful to have the awareness to enjoy it.




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