And he sits in my presence

I was routinely working on a lecture for the upcoming week when a new friend, just met in January, popped into my office. “How are you?”, he asks, “How was your trip?” Instantly, my empathic vibes go off and my heart is very happy to see him standing there with his great and affirming soul. Whenever I am in his presence, my heart is glad for the fellowship as he is such a positive wonder with his extreme creativity, gifted nature, and keen intelligence. Ah, what a gift for my jaded heart. I do so appreciate him in all of his wonder.

We chat about my “stuff” and his “stuff” but always, my heart is lifted for hours after my interactions with this gentle man of art and words. He has touched me profoundly and I am grateful for his friendship and hopeful that I can give him even a small fraction what he gives me by simply being present when he is with me.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention that he’s just simply an amazing person for whom I am always thankful that he will take a couple of minutes, as his schedule can rival mine, to just spend some simple time with me. In short, a couple of minutes with someone who makes one’s heart happy is a true wonder that is often under-rated. How is it that I am so blessed these days?


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