Keeping the Faith and Sanity

I have been on vacation in San Francisco running in the sublime beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Belvedere Island and San Francisco Bay. The warm sunshine has allowed me to increase my mileage and speed a bit. There is nothing like running a city; leaving good vibes on the street and picking up on the energy of those who pass by me on the trails and sidewalks. I am very grateful for this experience taking each mile as it comes. Though I have been averaging 8 miles per run, the hills have been an unexpected pleasure these days as I train for a May marathon, my first.

I have the pleasure of enjoying the fellowship (from a distance) of a very new friend in my life. Though his life is quite complicated, his energy, insight and sheer dynamic presence is good for my heart. He is gifted, creative and wonderfully human in a way that prompts me to call him “my catnip”. He’s quite charismatic with his biting intelligence and warmth; though he does attempt to hide the “warmth” part from me. My empathic genes fire full-tilt when I am around him which often leaves me smiling at something he has said or done. He was a true world-class marathoner before a devastating knee injury and still looks the part. I envy his very thin frame because I, a middle-distance runner at university, carry more muscle (and weight) than I need for running the 26.2 mile distance. Still, I love getting out and forcing my body to run; grateful and joyful in every step.

I did participate in Grand Rounds this morning; have to keep up with my continuing medical education. Every vacation for me involves keeping up with journals, talks and new “truths” in medicine/surgery. Alas, if one does not enjoy constant learning, medicine is not a fun career. There is much information with which to keep up. It’s not even a challenge these days because as an academic, I love learning. I developed a kind of peace with keeping my lectures up to date for my students and trainees.

I also keep an easy peace with my mind and spirit these days. My heart is full from my interactions with my students and patients. I strive for giving my best but often feel that I fall short. My shortfalls are constantly on my mind these days because my new friend is such an awesome academic in every way. He’s the best teacher that I have ever seen; sets the bar very high for me. I love his patience with his students; something I could use more of. The nature of medical education is that there is far more to learn that one can ever master. Ah, patience please come to this professor!








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