I Just Opened My Eyes

“So much to say, and so much to do.
So much of you for me to discover.
Like what makes you laugh,
And what makes you cry,
How does a friend …”– All That I Ask- Barbra Streisand

Yes, I will admit that I am just a tiny bit alpha, well, maybe more than just a tiny bit. I know what touches my heart so completely. I am drawn to an energy; an energy of intelligence with just a little bit of adventurer thrown in. Sometimes, I just have to open my eyes wider and in front of me I will find an extraordinary connection. Last week, I was hit squarely between the eyes with such a connection; the energy so visceral that I don’t remember my drive back to campus. I almost didn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing; what was clearly in front of me. This was most unsettling for this surgeon who is almost totally in control of everything.

Today, the day was cold, blue and snowy. As I drove into the city from West campus (an 11:30 AM meeting at my other university and then back to West for afternoon office hours), I drove from flurries to white out. As I arrived at the other campus, I hopped out of the car and in a dead-run; slipped on ice under the snow on the steps into the classroom building. Where I struck my right hip on the cement step, I have a huge hematoma over my hip and upper thigh muscles to remind me of my stupidity. I spent the evening under an ice pack but I look like I was in one of those ultimate boxing matches (the short end) nevertheless, I wear my bruises with honor.

Earlier in the day before I left my West office, a new friend stopped in for a couple of minutes before he headed off to teach one of his courses. As I looked clearly into his eyes, I knew that I was seeing what I saw last week. His energy is so palpable that I knew what hit me squarely last week. He’s so clearly amazing without any effort on his part.  I barely knew what to say but he was OK with what I did say as I rushed out on this blue February day and decided to let the chips fall where they may. Yes, I am alpha; content with being alpha; bruises and all.


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