As the day begins

I was asked by a group of my students, to outline a typical day. Well, in my profession, no day is typical. I have academic days, administrative days, clinical days and spiritual days each with a different set of challenges and experiences. The common thread for my days is that I start each one with a prayer and meditation of gratitude and thankfulness. I am very grateful for each day of life and health. I am grateful that my once-sad heart has been able to open to the possibility of love; he is an incomparable man. I am grateful and thankful for my amazing friends who are gifts from God with their variety of talents and insights.

I often sit in the cathedral before services, large chilly open space filled with the sound of emptiness and the spirit of all who have gone before me. The building will celebrate its 200th birthday later this year but within the standards from where I came (worship at Bruton Parish in Colonial Williamsburg), it’s a relatively new cathedral. The sunlight will play through the stained glass windows high above; air filled with the scent of candle wax and floral dressings on the altar. Still the spirit of all who find/found fellowship there is clearly perceivable for me.

All of my days involve interaction with my fellow human beings. I can love a heart, hug a soul and comfort those who may be troubled. I listen and look for how the spirit will connect; thriving in those connections. The miracle of giving solace to another soul; reaching out to touch a face, see a smile reflected back is a wonder that fills this heart with much joy. As the day begins, I am grateful for a million gifts but most grateful for being able to live this life.




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