A very small gift for my touchstone

“Today is your birthday and you should feel fine. The world is your stage so don’t forget your lines.”-N

Today is my friend’s birthday. I wish him health, happiness but most of all, I celebrate that he is my friend. When I was recovering from some of my darkest hours, his work put voice to my feelings. His almost daily meditations that he shares, are affirming for me in so many ways. He is infinitely talented, sickeningly gorgeous and a true gift to the world.

He’s a friend who understands why I need to connect with my patients and to celebrate the magic of their humanity. He is a beacon in medicine for me; my touchstone, my brother in God and always an example for what I strive to be as a human being. I am infinitely grateful to God for having found him. The world is a better place because he is in it and I am a better person because he is my friend.



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