First Snow

When I headed into the cathedral for my morning duties, rain was pouring everywhere. The temperature was jacket, with umbrella but the steady downpour showed no signs of abating. I kept thinking that it was much nicer to have a steady downpour of rain rather than snow. When it snows, the traffic snarls and tempers flare. When it rains, everything gets washed down.

I spent the first hour helping my fellow Sunday school teachers relate the parable of “The Mustard Seed” to an energetic group of children aged 6 to 10. As everyone helped with the story, we looked outside to see the pouring rain turn into snow. The snow fell heavily and quickly turning the rivers of rain into a slushy mess on the street covering the cars with a couple of quick inches of heavy white.

One nice aspect of the snow is that the steady hum of the rain downpour turns to a white silence. The cold becomes more biting and a sudden freshness comes in with each breath of air. The bright white of the snow reflected through the stained glass windows of the nave. The warmth rush of heat from the floor vents; welcome with the warmth of the message and fellowship.

I lit two candles this morning; one for patience and one for serenity. I pray to see the miraculous presence of God in my patients and all fellow humans. I pray for humility and awareness because my gifts from God have been many on this day of first snow.


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