Just because…

I have a sense of wonder today. I can’t explain this sense other than to say that as I interact with my wonderful patients, I see their magnificent humanity everywhere. Perhaps it’s the sun that has been shining most of the day. Perhaps it’s the prospect of the wonderful Great Lake that I enjoyed at sunrise this morning. In the cold morning air on the roof of my hospital, I took in every color, breath and energy of what I saw. I will take wonder and awe anywhere I can find them.

Over my lunch of green bell pepper and a tablespoon of hummus, I found myself thinking about my “touchstone” who has been a major source of wonder, awe and sheer laughter, for me since our first e-mail communications. I had known his work from some of the material that he had published online but that is just the surface of this amazing human being.

We share the practice of medicine, a love of God and college football (Roll Tide, Roll!) but he’s still a paradox in many ways. We are complete opposites in just about every aspect of our lives but I can appreciate his amazing humanity on many levels. I believe that as I have come to appreciate this very gifted colleague and friend, I have come to appreciate many details of the wonderfully familiar things around me.

He’s an amazing photographer in that his photos are often of ordinary objects, a leaf, a flower, a tree, a shadow or a bird. Just about anything that he has photographed becomes a wonder, whether in black and white or color. One of the best things that he has shared and one of my earliest memories of his photography was that he photographed the ceiling tiles in the Washington, DC METRO subway system.

I knew that when he shared that shot, he was one of the “coolest” people that I will ever know. Just because of how he sees the world around him and just because I spent many hours in that same subway system contemplating where I would be going with my life. Just because…




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