Finding Myself in the Desert

DSCN0234I spent a week or so hiking in the Mojave and Sonoran Desert of California. When I need to clear my head, I try to get out into a natural setting to meditate, pray and remind myself of God’s gifts to me. I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the desert with its sparse vegetation and water-conserving plants. I was also amazed by the warm days and cold clear nights of a thousand stars in the fall desert season.

I climbed a few rocks but had left much of my rock-climbing tools and ropes behind. This meant that I would be doing more hiking than rock-climbing. I set a reminder on my next trip, and there will be a next trip, to bring my heavier gear. Still, the vistas were wonderful from my hiking vantage points; truly a gift from God.

As I headed out on my run this evening in the cold rain, I found myself missing the balmy palm tree-lined routes of last week. I missed the mountains, the clear blue skies and I miss the desert where I found new heart and new communion.


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