I can’t explain this…

“I was alone You were alone

Parallel lines that touched one another

Just feeling our way

Lost in the dark

Drawn to each other

So much to say

So much to do

So much of you for me to discover

Like what makes you laugh What makes you cry

How does a friend become a lover, too?”– Barbra Streisand  The Mirror Has Two Faces

I skipped into the hall of one of our buildings; right on time for the first of my four meetings today. I had parked my car close to the door for a quick “get-away” once my last meeting in this locale was over. I found myself in an unfamiliar hallway but rounded a corner and saw a familiar face.

One of my colleagues in the Chemistry Department was chatting with one of his colleagues. His wonderful accent; a smile in his voice and the light-hearted fellowship between two colleagues. When he saw me, his eyes twinkled and he introduced me. The three of us chatted briefly as I was taking two steps toward the next building where my meeting was located.

As I spun around to say thanks for the directions, I saw my new empathic friend; I had spoken with him by phone but we had never met. My heart stopped and I found myself babbling much as I had done two evenings prior during a phone call. I know that the two men from Chemistry saw me come “undone”.

He hugged me and I looked into his intelligent blue eyes. “I am getting nervousness and panic at the same time but I don’t want to project”, I said. He laughed just a little and he knew that I couldn’t breathe as he pointed me in the direction that he was walking (he didn’t want to be late for the class that he was teaching). “I thought I heard your voice, ” he said. He’s breath-taking in every way and I can’t explain this. He took my soul in that instant.


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