We are with you Paris!

“Hold me … Lift me in Your Spirit arms and hold me. It was bad. So very bad, and dark, and terrible. A night of silent screaming.” Potts, Daniel (2013-12-26). The Unlatched Door: A Collection of Poetry

The above quote was written by a very gifted colleague. I found myself reflecting upon it as the visions of what happened in the past 24 hours in Paris, are coming forth. I found myself being taken back to September 11, 2001 when I was working in the Burn Unit in Washington, DC; as we received casualties from the attack on the Pentagon.

I can’t remember a second of feeling tired or helpless as we worked around the clock on the severely burned victims of that day. I can remember being single-minded in taking every action to ensure the best outcome for my patient, a young man with burns over 90% of his body. I can remember the amazing collaboration with every service to give our best to those injured.

I also remember standing on my front lawn at 4AM, facing the gaping black hole in the Pentagon (still on fire) smelling burning jet fuel; fire trucks, firefighters and lights still present. I remember resolutely praying for the lives lost but being grateful for the ones that we helped that day. No, these terrorist acts do not defeat us but bring out the best in us. I have been witness to that and so will my fellow humans in Paris!  We are with you Paris!


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