Through Windows…

“Love this day, with all that is in it, and love empowers you to live it well. Love the ups and downs, the obvious and the subtle, the disappointments and the triumphs, and give birth to great new value. Look with love upon all who cross your path, whatever they may do. See the good fortune, the misfortune, the sincere and the devious, and love the positive possibilities they all encompass.”– Ralph Marston

I am often asked why I chose not to have children. My partner’s, save one who has been divorced three times, are all happily married with children, that I adore. “You would be such a great Mum”, one of my mates always reminds me. I tell him that I had such great parents, I know I could never give love so freely and unconditionally as I received from my parents. I know, from their example that to raise children is the most heroic action that any human can undertake. When one nurtures their precious children, they strive to give them tools to navigate the world and find happiness and fulfillment. This is indeed courageousness of a level that I do not possess. Mine is a life dedicated to love all who cross my path these days. The man that I chose to give my heart to, is gone and now I chose to give my heart and service to the world. This is what I learned from my bloody awesome “rents” and my gift from and gratitude to God, who blessed me with great parents.


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