Five Miles By the Lake in Alpha Territory

I am hitting my stride with my running at last! I decided to do a slow 5 miles next to the lake to pray and meditate. I have much to be thankful and grateful for. Next week, I will start to cut which should add more of an angle to my muscle definition. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to gain as much sheer strength as I have gained but God gives me more than I dreamed possible. I am healthy and strong-an Alpha woman.

My meditation in the rain and evening cold brings my head where my head needs to be. I will be doing a short travel next week-my first cut week thus I want to be in a strong frame of mind. My heart is glad and my thoughts turn to forgiveness of myself. I have to remember my past imperfections but I have to forgive them too. I find that I can easily forgive in others, that which I cannot seem to forgive in myself. My paradox on my cold, wet meditation run. Now for some hot green tea and thanks to God!


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