More Connection

On my run and meditation this cold autumn morning, I am deeply moved and saddened by recent current events. First, an escalation of gang violence and shootings here in my city and then another college shooting that leaves all of us with that “kicked in the stomach” feeling as we will be barraged by the 24-hour news reporting.  Unlike most of my colleagues, who are shaking their heads in disbelief and withdrawing, compartmentalizing, I feel compelled to connect more with those around me. As a person who feels the energies of those whom I encounter, I am more drawn in and connecting more. While my heart is very heavy, I am determined to engage those who are becoming discouraged. I am still this morning and feeling the energy of those around me. My heart takes all of these connections deeply inside and I mirror back the hope that God has compelled me to spread. No time for my own tears now.


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