I take you just as I find you…

“And if you took the time to really get to know me, find out what kind of person I truly am instead of just stereotyping me because of the way I look, well, you’d be wasting your time, because I’m exactly who you think I am. Hell, I’ll pretty much steal anything that isn’t nailed down.” – Earl Hickey- My Name is Earl

A new mate took me kayaking; down a rocky river and out onto one of the great lakes; waves about 1 foot; paddling a couple of miles out into the vastness of the lake. While I am an experienced sailor, I had never been kayaking. Blue sky, light breeze and the smell of the river; sea gulls; driftwood all around; conversation with a very thoughtful chap; good fellowship.

“You are the most interesting woman I have ever met,” said my friend, ” You are like that man on the Dos Equis commercial, you know, the most interesting man in the world”. “No, I am just a person who loves new challenges or experiences especially those that involve boats, planes and trains, ” I kept reassuring. The challenges: not to capsize, not to drown( I have lectures to prepare and data to analyze); to remember the experience (the good stuff) and get to know a thoroughly nice man that I had just met less than a week ago, having been introduced by a physician colleague.

I learned much about myself on the river and on the lake but I take everyone just as I find them, without agenda and I pray that they will do the same for me for if one thinks too highly of me, I fear that they may be sorely disappointed.20150903_112956[1]


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