“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”– John Wayne
I took on the Pacific Ocean and crossed. This morning after my morning meditations, prayers  and church services, I fired up the Cessna and flew towards the northeast (smoke from the fires plainly in view). I needed to be above the earth, alone. Keeping the memories of the last three weeks firmly pressed in my heart; keeping my gratitude for all that I am allowed to experience.
The engines hum along in harmony with the dance and dip of my wings. I know as birds know the feeling of completely leaving earth and contemplating God’s work from above. How and when to land? I keep moving as I am compelled to do so. I know, without question, that I have guidance along my journey. I am much stronger; I will keep going and I will not land. I am compelled to seek understanding from any altitude.

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