Once in a Blue Moon

Our last raucous party of this season! It was a cruise with plenty of alcohol infused. I am not much of a party-goer in my real life but I vow to challenge myself and this was an opportunity. I put on a short silver dress, some make-up and piled my hair on top of my head; my practice partners would never recognize me, and stepped onto the yacht.  To say that there was plenty of alcohol present is a gross underestimation. I am not a drinker; perish the thought of a drunken sailor in me but I have learned to grab a tall glass of ice water and make my rounds. After working as a political campaign manager, I had to train myself to stop “working” parties and just find some small chat here and there.

I was surrounded by drunken sailors and loud music. Too much alcohol plus people who have been at sea for a couple of weeks makes for a very rowdy bunch. Many of my sailing mates love to wash the salt away with alcohol but I love the salt and want to keep it as long as possible. After about 30 minutes of chatting with the folks that I knew well, I was restless and needed to catch a bit of sea air.

I dashed to the upper deck bow to enjoy the moonlight and the ocean breeze; worth being “hit upon”, stepped on, groped, vomited on and other things not mentionable in polite company. Clearly, until I found this spot on the boat, I was ready to swim back to shore even if it meant ruining my Jimmy Choo pumps. Doesn’t everyone enjoy an ocean swim in Jimmy Choos?

The blue moon was just a tiny sliver shy of being full and reflected beautifully off the sea. The wind in my hair and against my face was very welcome along with the iced water. I was quite alone with my thoughts of getting back to the main land in a couple of days.

I go back to my practice and a new calling that I have only shared with my “touchstone”. The Blue Moon over the bow; perfect place to enrich my experience of this paradise. I am changed in many ways and I am very thankful for all I have been given in experiences, well minus the drunken sailors of this evening but good stuff enjoyed and embraced nevertheless.


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