” A little then was quieted by the sight

The fear which deep within my heart had lain

Through all my sore experience of the night.

And as the man, who, breathing short in pain,

Hath ‘scaped the sea and struggled to the shore,

Turns back to gaze upon the perilous main.” – Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri-The Inferno

After having run a bit of my restlessness off in the streets of Honolulu, I hit my hotel room bed and slept as if I had not slept in days. After 8 hours, I woke up at 5 AM with the noise of dishes rattling in the hallway; confused as to where I was for a moment; a siren sounding outside on the street. The rocking of the ocean was not there, and I remembered that I was on land. For me to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours is quite unusual but my guess is that I needed to get myself adjusted to joining the world of the land-dwelling creatures.

I ran another couple of miles as the sun came up. There was the constant pounding of “Yes, I have this” in my mind. Some mindfulness and meditation had been in order before I set out to find a pilot friend who would fly me over Sacred Falls. I was in need of green. The falls, a place of serenity and bliss as I leaned against the window of our plane. I had planned to hike into the park but the trails are closed to foot traffic. My option was to look at the falls from above rather than below.

Having spent the past week or so on the ocean with my sailing mates, flying was a supreme pleasure. The wonder of this place fills my heart with optimism and hope. I gaze upon the “perilous main” from above. There can be no greater proof of God’s goodness than this.



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