Diamond Head Comes into View

My journey on the sea has come to an end. We debrief later today and check into our hotel. I am looking forward to standing under a long hot shower for as long as I can stand up. I am energized from the fellowship and the opportunity that I have experienced since leaving San Francisco. I am also happy to see some green plants because blue has heavily been represented in my world over the past few days.

I am so very thankful for the fellowship of my mates. We have worked together, laughed together and learned together. To say that we have become friends is an understatement; comrades and companions for life is more descriptive. I welcomed this opportunity to learn and interact with these beautiful and heroic human beings. Even though we are sunburned and tired, our moods are giddy and laughing is infectious. I have good friends for the rest of my life.

I brought two books with me on this voyage of meditation and reflection in addition to my Bible which is always with me on Kindle. I brought Father Thomas Keating’s Reflections on The Unknowable and Dr. Daniel Potts’ The Unlatched Door, both books of reflection and wonder for me. Fr. Keating’s book has been with me since Advent but Dr. Potts is a new and most delightful discovery. Both books perfect for my soul at this time.

Dr. Potts and I share the same profession but his work has been quite inspiring for me in many ways. His view of the world is refreshing, brilliant and quite soulful. He is a man of faith and his faith comes through clearly in his writing; something to which I aspire. I am very thankful to God for having this opportunity to read and reflect on this ordinary man’s work of extraordinary faith.


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