Early morning life

“The interior rest that humility brings is the immense energy of surrender without seeking any satisfaction or consolation. It is just to be and to accept the nothingness of un-manifest reality.”
“Blessed are the poor in spirit” (Matthew 5: 3) means blessed are they who recognize their absolute dependence and need for God,” – Keating, Thomas. Reflections on the Unknowable

As I need oxygen and water to live, I need God, spirit and connection with other souls on this journey. To receive God without question but as simply as the receipt of oxygen and water. As I keep moving westward on this infinite sea of blue and darkness, I have been overwhelmed by the simplicity of surrendering to my need for God without agenda.

Where am I to go from here? What is my purpose? Why do I have no fear but mindfulness? Why do I see everything with wonder now? Why am I at peace? Why am I joyful at last? I have no more questions now, but I thankfully accept the “nothingness of un-manifest reality”. This is indeed, my treasure. To my friends: I am changed profoundly.


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