Going West

“If everything seems under control, you aren’t going fast enough.” Mario Andretti.

I appreciate “skin to the wind” as I sit cross-legged on the bow of our sailboat. The sunset was sublime; I fill my head with Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (by Ralph Vaughn Williams). The wind is warm, the ocean is blue; salt taste; clear sky. The sun sank into yellow to orange to red and dipped below the waves leaving lavender against the blue. My mates took plenty of photos (mine are idiotic) thus many to share when we dock and exchange. So much; my heart is full as I say a prayer of contrition and meditation on being at peace with the sea and my connections with my crew.  When I pray, it is to receive God and not to empty my mind but the renewal of my spirit. I am not going fast enough.


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