Update from the Sea

I have been very sick the past 24 hours or so. My nausea has been quite troublesome. I have been able to stay hydrated but no food intake. It’s all good and I am upbeat. I have no problem doing rolls and dives in a Cessna but I have been a bit more seasick in the past day. This will pass but I have been spending much time below deck on my rack.

I have been reading and dozing when I am not meditating. Sometimes I feel as if the cool evening air is just what I need to get handle on this. I just can’t stop smiling as I enjoy the books that I brought with me. I am enjoying the stars (millions on a clear night) and the gentle rocking motion of the deck.  When I am not working, I like to lie on the bow looking up at the sky and allow my mind take flight.  The sea has been very calm for the past 24 hours but the previous 24 hours were pretty windy.

My fellow sailors have been calmly reflective. We left with great fanfare and revelry (I love a good party) but as we have gotten into the voyage, their beards are scruffy and they are much quieter.We are all meditating and working without much communication as usual. My skin is quite dark from the sun even though I have been applying plenty of sunscreen.My hair is appropriately bleached now from the sun. I know that I have lost weight but it’s OK, I can afford to lose a stone or two. Oddly, I have never felt more at peace than now. I feel as if I was born to do this journey and much is around the next corner. I have so much peace and understanding. The sea is good for my soul.


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