Being authentically human

I am as human as God made me. I am no more “damaged” or “undamaged” as the next human that walks this earth. This means that I accept my feelings as authentic and true to my experience in this moment. I strive to not color my world by hurt but by breathing in every adventure and challenge that I take on with a slight sense of what is out there to discover. I find myself in experiencing what God has placed here for me. I find my humanness in reaching out to others who would join me on this adventure as we move through life. I am not brave or extraordinary (though I recognize these qualities in others). I am a simple human who can feel and see God’s guidance in all that I do and therein is the magic. I strive to see the world as authentically as God would have me see it. Sun and wind burn are now my constant companions and I am very grateful for the one or two heroes that have entered my existence.

The sea is calm and I have 2 minutes of satellite time.


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